Mutualistic Apps

Apps have proven to be very useful tools in facilitating the development of a Mutualistic Culture, both physically and culturally.

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The Emotional Cultivator App facilitates users to bring mindfulness to their emotions, reigning in negative emotions while cultivating positive emotions. The results are the personal development towards a more peaceful, content society that has learned how to work with each other and other beings peacefully. Click on the link to learn more:

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Global Agroecology App ©: Windows Phone_20150401_08_54_29_Pro

Agroecology holds the promise of fulfilling humanities needs while also increasing ecological diversity and productivity of diverse types of land and most importantly, sequestering CO2 in a stable productive form to reverse Climate Change as has identified. This app facilitates farmers in planning, implementing, growing and marketing resources/products produced with these methods. It utilizes GPS, GIS and realtime data submitted by users about current acres in production and current markets, allowing it to aggregate data and facilitate the diversification of the market to increase profits. Click on this Link to Learn more about it:

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