Product Design

Chair Design: The Helix

Chair 2

The Helix Chair was inspired by nature and its fundamental building block, DNA. Just like DNA, I wanted to see if this chairs elements could be made from straight rods of steel, spiraling around a cent

ral axis, similar to DNA. It was an undergraduate project and I have yet to find a chair with the similar objective or form yet.

Initial Thumbnail Sketches:

A Level Development:

B Level Development:

Model Prototype:

Rough Prototypes:

Polypropolene Prototypes:

The Final Model & Poster: (note: this is not an actual Knoll Product)


Power Toothbrush

An exercise of Form & Function


Power Scrubber:

P&G Sponsored Studio –

Mr. Clean Brand

Workstation Systems Proposal: A Bike Repair Workstation

Exploratory Ideations of possible work station proposals:

Bike Repair Workstation Research

Final Proposal Renderings:

Human Powered Mobility: The CarCycle

The Aim: Road worthy human powered mobility for a family

Materials: Carbon Fiber & Fiberglass Frame, Lightweight GoreTex Fabric covering, Solar Panels to power lights, Polycarbonate Windshield


Vapp Studios: Swim Ways – Rainbow Reef Mechanical Fish

This was a fish that I did the initial sketches for before handing it off to the company sculptors who took into into 3D before heading into production. This has become a perennial best seller for Swim Ways. Unfortunately I don’t have the original sketches to share but only the final product.